Audio guide

The audio guide leads through the museum

You will be guided through the house in a pre-set order. However, if you want to get specific information about special topics or exhibits, you may directly select the corresponding files. The guide can be interrupted and resumed at any point.


The application works much like an audiobook as an audio-guided tour. The numbering of the title list corresponds to the numbering of theme stations in the museum, which are marked here with the audio guide symbol and the number of the station.


Mit dem Audioguide durch das Museum

Here you can use the files of the audio guide if possible Download via WLAN, unpack the .zip file and play it on a MAC or PC or on an iPod, iPhone, iPad or on an Android device as an MP3 audio list or as an M4B Audiobook. Use a suitable player app on your device:


■ Download Audioguide in English (mp3), 72 mb


Optionally, the audio guide may be used on an iPhone (from 5s) or an iPod Touch (from 6th generation) as a multimedia guide with the iBooks app. Then you also will see in addition pictures of some exhibits on your display.


■ Download iBook in German and English (epub3), 260 mb


Funded by the Thuringian State Chancellery and the Sonneberg Museum and History Association e.V.